Tree Surgery in Welwyn Garden City and Hoddesdon

Here at Herts Tree Specialists, we are tree surgery specialists who offer our professional services throughout Welwyn Garden City, Hoddesdon and beyond. If a tree is causing concern on private or public land, we can conduct a full assessment with corrective treatment. Our arborists are fully trained in a range of tree stabilising techniques and will always strive to save any tree they can.

Covering Hertfordshire, North London and Essex

Our tree surgery services are available within a 20-miles radius of our location, including Barnet, Cheshunt, Cuffley, Enfield, Essex, Goffs Oak, Harlow, Hertford, Hertfordshire, Hoddesdon, North London, Ware and Welwyn Garden City. We perform deadwood removal, crown surgery and pollarding. Plus, we can scan for disease and other defects that might compromise a tree’s long-term health.

Herts Tree Specialists - site clearance work

Tree Felling in Welwyn Garden City and Hoddesdon

If a tree is unstable, the most responsible thing to do is take it down. The team here at Herts Tree Specialists are specially trained to gradually bring trees down, starting from top to bottom. We work with a team on the ground who ensure every attention is paid to safety.

Professional Tree Surgery Services in Welwyn Garden City and Hoddesdon

Our treatment plans depend on several factors, including species, overall health and lifecycle. We will always take the necessary steps to reduce the crown – the widest part of the tree, plus remove dead wood as and when required.

NPTC Registered Local Tree Surgeons

As a business, we are accredited by the National Proficiency Test Council – widely recognised as the largest training body in the industry. The council’s rigorous testing assesses the specialist knowledge and technical abilities of tree surgeons and is the benchmark for all skilled arborists.

Here to Help

Are you in Welwyn Garden City or Hoddesdon and interested in finding out more about our tree surgery services? Our friendly team are here to help. Call us or email us.

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