Tree Surgeons in Enfield

Here at Herts Tree Specialists, we are professional tree surgeons that provide a range of services within 20 miles of our base in Goffs Oak, covering the town of Enfield, as well as the wider North London, Essex and Hertfordshire regions.

We have over ten years of experience working with domestic and commercial customers. Our highly qualified arborists carefully examine any tree causing concern and take the necessary action to make it safe. For peace of mind, we also have a 24-hour call-out service, so we can always be around if you need us.

Professional Tree Surgery in Enfield

Tree surgery aims to reduce the overall mass of a tree, making it stable. If a tree is vulnerable following a storm, we will perform a thorough inspection, removing any dead or broken branches. We aim to save as many trees as possible, but sometimes the safest option is to bring a tree down. This process is very carefully undertaken, working from top to bottom with our team mindful of the public, as well as local wildlife.

Safe Tree Stump Grinding

A felled tree will leave behind a stump, which is best dealt with by professionals. Instead of excavating the stump, we use a grinding machine which reduces the stump down to ground level. This machine is controlled by fully trained operatives who will carry out the work safely and efficiently.

NPTC Registered Local Tree Surgeons

Here at Herts Tree Specialists, we  are local tree surgeons accredited by the National Proficiency Test Council – widely recognised as the largest training body in the industry. The council’s rigorous testing assesses specialist knowledge and technical abilities of tree surgeons and is the benchmark for all skilled arborists.

Quality Seasoned Logs

With a wide range of quality hardwoods such as oak, maple, ash and beech to choose from, our seasoned logs are perfect for slow-burning fires. Seasoned logs are more sustainable than artificial alternatives and allow us to reuse felled timber. Air-dried over 12 months, they do not emit as much smoke, making them a very popular option with domestic and commercial customers throughout Enfield.

Reliable Garden Maintenance Services

We understand it takes effort to keep a garden looking its best, so if you need a helping hand, Herts Tree Specialists can help. We can trim and prune bushes, water flowers, mow the lawn and provide other landscaping services as required.

Efficient Site Clearance

Need help clearing up your garden? Our team can help you with things like clearing away dead leaves and other debris as well as general tidying up to keep your garden looking beautiful.

Here to Help

Are you in Enfield and looking for professional tree surgeons? Our friendly team are here to help. Call us or email us.

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